• Entrepreneurship Aptitude Self-Test

  • Ideation

    BRAINSTORMING and VALIDATING THE PERFECT BUSINESS. Start by investigating a market in which you have an interest. It might be a sport like auto racing (one innovator developed a product to filter out carbon monoxide from the air drivers breathe); a hobby like drone photography, a career pursuit such as financial management, or a social need. What is the state of the industry? Who is successful and why? What is missing? What problem persists? Which customer segment is still not been adequately served? All successful companies start with identifying a problem, and then brainstorming and testing possible solutions until they discover a sustainable business model.

    1 1 RESOURCES by Mike Roer
  • Competitive Positioning

    1 1 RESOURCES by Mike Roer
  • Lean Launch Techniques (Customer Discovery) and Business Model Canvas

    The LEAN STARTUP METHOD was developed by Eric Ries, based on lean manufacturing methods. It is designed to rapidly discover if a proposed business idea is viable. This is accomplished through pre-launch market research and then testing limited versions of the product or service with customers to determine which (if any) product features and benefits are most important to buyers. The Lean Method will save a new company significant time and money to discover and perfect a profitable and sustainable business concept.

    2 3 Business Model Canvases by Emily-LandMaverick
  • Physical Location

    Finding the right location for your store, factory or office; traffic flow; lease terms; other

    1 1 Finding the Right Location by Mike Roer