Mike Roer

Your brand is your style, attitude and promised virtues of the company.  Also known as your “Brand Promise,” it is the sum total of what customers can rely upon. Think of companies you trust.  Why?  How have they convinced you that their brand promise is the real deal?  

Your branding extends beyond the look and feel of your company name, logo, website, and advertisements.  It is also how you behave toward customers and what they care about. For customers to believe in your brand promise, you have to live it. 

Your decisions about every customer touchpoint: logo, typestyle in ads, website, even the way you and your employees dress will affect how people think about your company. 

TO BUILD A BRAND IMAGE, START BY DECIDING THE KIND OF COMPANY YOU WANT TO BE …Lowest price, highest quality, best personal service, most durable products, fastest delivery, most liberal trial basis, most loyal to a specific demographic, greenest, etc. 

THEN BRAINSTORM WORDS THAT DEMONSTRATE THOSE QUALITIES to use in the company name, slogan and advertising copy.

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