Mike Roer
What you should expect of mentors:docx Entrepreneurship Foundation Mentor Code of Ethics.docx      
What Mentors should be able to expect from those seeking their free counsel:
  1. Do not expect mentors to do the work for you.  (Or at least expect to pay for that service.  For example, an attorney might offer free advice as to whether you should/should not file for a patent; but if you want the attorney to file for you, that is a different matter.)
  2. If you send something to a mentor to read, first fix the spelling and grammar. 
  3. Be considerate of the Mentor's time: do not flood them with multiple emails or calls per day.  Save up your questions.  Normal frequency of contact is anywhere from once per month to once per quarter, once a week at the most, unless you are tight on an important deadline.  
  4. If you make an appointment, keep it, and be on time.  If for some reason you can't make it, give the mentor plenty of notice.  Mentors book time with paying clients so they can serve you pro bono.  So cancelling five minutes before an appointment is just as bad as not showing up. 
Sometimes an entrepreneur receives too much mentoring, or contradictory mentoring from multiple sources.  The advice is free, but you still have to decide which advice to follow.  It is, in the end, your business and your responsibility.  Perhaps this article by CEO Coach John Seiffer may help:  docx How to Avoid Mentor Whiplash.docx    
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